I have used a lot of the women’s services available in Canberra. I was a single mum for 15 years and having that extra support was fantastic.

I am happy. I am feeling amazing. I am training for my very first triathlon, it is a beautiful day. I am 42 years old, I have two grown up children that are doing really well. I got married in April. I am happy.

I think we are very lucky to be women, but I think it can also be really hard work. In my experience women are fun, we are extremely complex, we are all very interesting and different and wonderful—all at the same time. Not one of us is alike. We might have the same bits here and there but ultimately no two are alike.

For women in Canberra we have really fantastic opportunities to try and maintain a work/life/family balance. We did have a very strong public service town and we also have a lot of private sector opportunities, so women can find what works for them and their family. I think there is a lot of support for women of all types, heterosexual, homosexual, all sorts of women.

Like I said, I have used a lot of the women’s services available in Canberra. I would like to make it a little more accessible or make people a little more aware of it. Because there are some women out there who don’t realise how many services we do have here to support each other.

As women there are a lot of stereotypes that we have to overcome particularly in the workforce. I also see a lot of male driven stereotypes at home. A lot of men still believe that a woman should be at home looking after the children, doing the housework, cooking, cleaning and unfortunately it’s not limited to Canberra, it is a problem everywhere. I would like to try and get rid of.

In Canberra I love that there are so many wonderful tracks, walking and running tracks. We have three or four beautiful lakes that we can make our way around. There are lots of different groups that people can get involved with to help them stay fit and healthy and active. I think it is great and love the community that comes with that.

My three favourite things in life are definitely my friends, my family and I just love my exercise.

Today would come pretty close to being my perfect day in Canberra. I did a 30km bike ride this morning, having a look around Fair Day, having lunch with my girlfriend, couple of glasses of wine, going home to the husband and kids later. That’s pretty perfect for me.


Image created by Nicole Zimmermann