I love roller skating, absolutely love roller skating and roller derby.

At this moment in time I am half derby girl and half not derby girl because I am not in my uniform. I’m at AIDSAction Fair Day drumming up some support and awareness of our all-inclusive Roller Derby League in Canberra.

Apart from roller derby, my other favourite things in life are definitely construction, which is great because I work in construction, and my siblings, I better include them.

What it means to me to be a woman is a really interesting question. I’m not quite sure. I think being a gay woman makes things a little bit different. I think people look at you differently. I am not a feminine person so I guess I have been treated like one of the boys all of the time, including in my career now. I have never really been treated like one of the women. I have never really thought about it before.

I was born in Queanbeyan and have lived in the Canberra region my entire life. I have just never gone anywhere else. I have never ventured anywhere else because I just love Canberra. It is nice. It is small and everyone I know and love is here.

I think being a woman in Canberra is great because it is a smaller community there is lots of opportunities for things, like sport. Through my workplace they offer lots of women in construction events and supports. I like it because Canberra is not afraid to be different.

I have never had a problem looking after my health and wellbeing in Canberra. I play a very odd sport, I get injured all the time and I have never been turned away from getting healthcare or support. I’ve just never had an issue.

My perfect day in Canberra is a nice sunny day. Flowers are out. Floriade is nice. You know a day that I can go outside and skate around and not be rained on! I also love coming to community days like this.


Image created by Nicole Zimmermann