I’m really enjoying being a woman, it’s just something nice.

My favourite things are playing with my kids, reading—I really enjoy reading so much. And I love enjoying the awesome nature that Canberra has.

I think my perfect day would be having my kids out on a cruise around the lake.

My ex-husband was living in Canberra and then he came to my country, which is Egypt, and we got married there. Then I came on a Spousal Visa in 2010 and we settled and stayed here, and now we’ve been separated for almost three years.

I think Canberra is really safe. Being a woman in such a safe community is really something that women in Canberra should enjoy. I have more opportunity to be part of the community and do more in the community because it’s small. You can be a volunteer or help other people. I don’t think there’s enough opportunity in other states because of the bigger population.

I am an independent woman, a single mum, and I have lots of responsibility. For me, the hardest thing is being away from my family—they’re all back in Egypt. Living without their support, being apart and not spending my time with them is really one of the hardest things. And even being away from family friends and some relatives who are living in other states, because Canberra is small and not everyone likes to live here. It’s so quiet, so most of the people I know live in Sydney or Melbourne.

It’s easy to maintain my health. I find it really easy because the ACT Government is doing a very nice job in offering help for women and everyone. There’s lots of gyms and programs that can help you mentally and physically, which is something really nice. You can enjoy better life and better health.

Sometimes I feel being a woman is just a blessing, because women have very nice hearts and are caring and have kindness. I feel that I’m a really kind woman and I care. Women really know how to take responsibilities, even more than men.


Image created by Josey Carnovale