To be a woman to me means that you have to be like an octopus. You have to be able to do lots of things at the same time, and have a lot on your mind, and be able to balance everyone else out around you because otherwise, if the world was just men, everyone would be like crazy and messed up.

My perfect day in Canberra would probably be what I do all the time, which is hang out with my friends. This is going to sound corny, but I always have the perfect day. Yeah! You have to make each day perfect.

My three favourite things are family, friends and freedom. By freedom, I mean I’m free to pursue opportunities and I’m not stuck.

I’m almost twenty and I was born here. My parents live here and that’s why I’m here. I’m young and free and I’m motivated for what the future is going to bring for me because I have lots of opportunities and potential.

I think it’s easy to maintain your health in Canberra, but that’s my personal opinion because I have lots of aunties who tell me where I can go that’s free. Then I have friends who have no idea and don’t know what’s out there. So I guess you have to put yourself out there to know, and that’s what makes it easy or hard. You have to learn from others—if I didn’t have my aunties I wouldn’t know anything about sexual stuff or anything. I have lots of opportunities and people around to help me. I don’t think it’s hard to be a woman in Canberra.

The best thing about being a woman in Canberra is freedom. Because if I lived in a different country, in another part of the world, I would not be able to do the things that I do here. I would probably like be almost married now. I wouldn’t have the same opportunities that I have here.

I’m really busy at the moment working and raising my family. My three favourite things are definitely my children first, my family second and thirdly that I have the freedom to be and do what I want to do—when I chose to do it.

For me being a woman is really about the fact that I can do anything and be anything without a male influence—not needing a man and having the power to live my life. I’ve evolved in that thinking.

I was born in Canberra and raised here by my parents. I moved out of home and am now raising my own family in Canberra, which I think is a great place to raise a family.

I do think Canberra is a great place to be a woman—but I can’t say why. There are a lot of opportunities in education and work, and for your children. We’re evolving, I suppose.

It is not directly related to be a woman in Canberra but I just feel there is not enough hours in the day. I haven’t encountered much difficultly being a woman in Canberra. My mum and I were talking on the way here we think it would be hard as a woman – working in a high powered job and have men receiving more pay and recognition for the work that they do, when the women are doing as much or even better.

I think maintaining my health is easy because I do feel, and from experience with my own family and my sister who works in this area, if I needed help it would be so readily available.

My perfect day in Canberra is simply a nice relaxing day with my family. We are all having fun, and we’re all in sync. Just relaxing, no ones’ got any issues; just relaxing and enjoying whatever we may be doing in a happy, loving way!


Image created by Josey Carnovale