A day like this is perfect. It’s nice and sunny, you can just do whatever you want really. I’m someone who doesn’t plan things very often. Go for a walk, go out to lunch, and come to events like this—something in the community—something cool.

At this moment in time I’m a pretty average normal school girl, going to school, going to markets, doing GG’s Flowers and just kind of free-flowing doing whatever is happening.

I was born in Canberra and love it to bits. My parents moved here around 30 years ago.

I’m almost a woman, I’m 15, but I still classify myself as a woman! I think being a woman is being able to embrace what you are and what you do. And being able to make something of yourself, and show people that you can do things. To show people that you’re no different to a man.

I think in Canberra there’s a lot of developing organisations, fundraisers, and awareness raising about women. I think that the resources and the advantages here in Canberra allow women to step forward and advance themselves. Canberra has really good resources for that, so one of the best things about being a woman in Canberra is that the resources are here. There’s lots of people wanting to support you and be behind you.

It’s sort of a contradiction to what I just said, but as much as there is the resources and stuff, there is a lack of people recognising the fact that there is a lack of women who don’t understand what they can achieve or what they can do. I think that’s something that’s a bit hard in Canberra. Canberra is such a small town. Other places in the world that are bigger are promoting and advocating for women to do things. And I think that Canberra’s such a small place that it’s really difficult to reach everywhere.

I think it is easy to maintain your health and wellbeing here, but for me—because our family just loooooves food—it’s probably a little bit difficult. It depends how you take it. I mean, if you want to go to the gym, they’re there, but I get in my gym gear and just go and eat food. That’s my approach. It’s easy and it’s difficult, but I would probably say it’s difficult for me.

My favourite things are food, family and school. What I love about school is having the routine, being with friends, and the excitement of knowing you’re going somewhere with what you’re doing now.


Image created by Liz Thompson