I think that today’s a pretty good day. The sun’s out! It’s not too hot! It’s not cold! We’re out at a function with people having morning tea. And it’s spring! I can’t ask for anything more than that can I?

Part of being a woman is having independence! I’m not with a partner at the moment, so I have independence and I have freedom. I can do what I like, when I like, if I like. It’s nice to have that. I’m starting again and finding out what I want. That’s part of being a woman as well.

I would describe myself as being middle-age, going on in life. I have grown up family and I guess my life is about finding myself after bringing up a family and starting to find out who I am again. It’s like a new beginning.

Canberra’s very transient, so a lot of people come and go all the time. They don’t have the family here, so it is good to have that friendship. And people are more inclined to go with that because they don’t have the family to back them up.

I’m actually a Queenslander and we came down to Canberra about sixteen or seventeen years ago. There’s a long story—too long to go into. I didn’t know how I’d cope with the winters, but now I quite like the winters. I love the seasons—I love the autumn and the spring.

Not having family is difficult. I have family around Australia, but no one here. So it is difficult with that. I think that you’ve got to be looking for activities and friendships. You do have to get out there. You do have to mingle. You do have to join things to be able to find it. Because it is easy—anywhere I guess—to sit at home and not have any of those things. You do have to put a bit of effort in. It’s something that we all have to work on.

I think that it is relatively easy, well for me anyway, to maintain my health and wellbeing. It’s not too bad. I do have to put some work into things, because like more women I want to lose weight—although you all don’t have to! But there are good walking tracks here, so they’re great for that. Plus the other thing that I find great is that nowadays you have more health clinics and doctors and more accessibility to all of that! I remember way back, there was a time when it wasn’t as easy. There’s a lot more bulk billing doctors and different things that you can access now without it costing a fortune.

My two favourite things are my two daughters—they’re my absolute delight and joy in life. So they’re two of my favourite things and my other favourite thing is having coffee with friends.


Image created by Liz Thompson