I am a mother. I am a teacher to my daughter. I am content at being a mother; it is enjoyable and can be frustrating too.

After becoming a mother—the suffering of other children—like the children we see in the news from Syria—has become really intolerable. I have always been affected before, but now with a baby it is ten times worse. I think you are a lot more vulnerable after you have children; whereas before I would go to work, try to climb the ladder, take holidays and do whatever I liked. I can’t really do whatever I like anymore.

I originally came to Canberra around 15 years ago to go to university. I then left and came back to undertake post graduate study about four years ago.

It’s an easy lifestyle in Canberra. You feel physically safe and there are many opportunities for work, including part-time work.

But having to work part-time is one of the difficult things about being a woman. I think that it is an Australian issue; I don’t think the traditions have changed a lot. My husband doesn’t have as much job flexibility as me and he probably can’t ask for as much time off, so I guess I am expected to look after our daughter even though I am more qualified.

I think it is easy to maintain your health in Canberra—there is good infrastructure and it is well maintained. Public health is really good, because the populous is highly educated and education is easy to access. I am a psychologist. I see that there is good psychological infrastructure here because there are so many mental health professionals, is easy to access, is cheap, and people know about it. And it never rains here so that is awesome. Bad for farmers—good for us.

My perfect day in Canberra is spending time with my family and being in the natural environment, because it is so easy to access in Canberra—you can get to the Namadgi National Park in about 10 – 15 minutes. Then catching up with friends in town at night—the restaurant scene has really improved in the last five or six years.

My favourite things in life are family, friends and good health.


Image created by Liz Thompson