I am in Canberra because my husband is working here for a contract. We live in Melbourne, but he is up here during the week for work and I come on the weekends.

I am still adjusting to the culture of Australia. I am exploring some places but I still have a lot to learn about Australian culture. I have found the weather really different—it is cold and I am having to adjust to that, but the temperature is nicer in Canberra than in Melbourne and I can get out more.

My three favourite things are exploring, learning new things, and having new friends in Australia.

For me being a woman is great. I enjoy what God has offered to me as a woman; it is so unique to being man. I enjoy it—it is really great.

My perfect day in Canberra is when it is really nice weather and I can explore all the different suburbs and landmarks, which I have not been able to discover yet.


Image created by Nicole Zimmermann