At the moment I am a very busy mum to a 16 month old—who is completely adorable of course.

I work 2 days a week as a hairdresser and I sew in my spare time, which there is not very much of. I love my business and I love going forward with it. I would like to take it from one strength to another and the Old Bus Depot Markets is a fantastic way to do so.

I moved to Canberra when my parents split up—my mum moved down here and I moved to live with her. There have been quite a few opportunities here for me to move away again, but I wouldn’t be where I am if I had. I grew up in Brisbane and my partner was living in Queensland when I was living in Canberra. There is a lot that has led to me still being in Canberra. Canberra is a beautiful place and I love the community here.

To me being a woman means to be proud and ridiculously strong when you need to be, but to still be able to crumble and feel ok. I think this is not something that a lot of people realise is ok to do. You are allowed to fall apart to put yourself back together stronger and I have definitely done a little bit of that in the last year. I am much better for that now and it is about having the internal strength that projects to the outside.

I think the best things about being a woman in Canberra are the same as the best things about being a woman anywhere. It can take a little while to crack through Canberra’s little cliquey thing but again that happens anywhere. I find it is a little bit stronger in Canberra, but in a way it is a fantastic thing because it means that there are groups of women who stick together and support each other in everything that they go through. But then, the hardest thing about being a woman in Canberra would be getting into the cliques.

I find looking after my health and wellbeing easier in Canberra because there are beautiful lakes to walk around and great paths. We have a really good selection of healthy foods to choose from, lots of local produce. The best part about Canberra is that nowhere is ever really that far, so everything is accessible.

My perfect day in Canberra is in late April or early May before it starts getting cold, when the leaves are really beautiful. It is just that little bit chilly, enough to put on a nice jacket and in the beautiful sunshine have a picnic by the lake.

My favourite things are family, sewing and fabric in general. And beautiful things.


Image created by Nicole Zimmermann