I’m here because my daughter’s here. If she were in Sydney, I’d be in Sydney.

At this moment in time, I’m happy to be here with her in Canberra. I’ve come from Bermagui so it’s a big day trip. I’m feeling the freest I’ve ever been in my life. My kids have all left home. My husband’s at home. We’re pursuing our interests and we’re living in a beautiful place.

I have so many favourite things. I’ve recently started going up to the local school to do reading like I did with my kids, I have started doing this multi-lit reading course. There’s a young Koori girl up there who has been through the program and is nearly finished. The ex-teachers that come and run it are so excited because she’s so near the end. She went from having no kind of literacy skills to being a fluent, efficient reader.  It is just bliss going up and seeing her. It’s the progress she’s made. It’s just wonderful.

I’ve been with my husband for over 30 years and we still absolutely catch ourselves laughing. It’s like every relationship, you have highs and lows but I’d say he is my favourite thing. He will always be my favourite thing. I also think just getting out for a ride on the motor bike. It’s a 30k ride to work from home through the Bega valley, and I’d say that’s one of my favourite things. To just get out on the highway and go!

I really like Canberra for all the national icons like Questacon, the National Gallery and the National Library. I always find something to do and something interesting in those places. We’ve been coming here since ’94, I think that there’s always something to find and explore. You never see everything there is to see in one visit; there’s a lot more to Canberra than what you expect to find.

I think the hard thing about being in Canberra would definitely have to be not being near the water. Also, over the years, from Bermagui and Bega Valley they send people who need help to the hospitals in Canberra. I think that was a hard thing at various times, like my son had an operation, and it’s so far away. We were at Calvary and they had a cottage where people from out of town could stay and that made it easier.

I think you do a lot of walking here. I’ve never done anything really apart from walk around Lake Burley Griffin and Floriade. Sometimes finding a hill when you need to get your heart rate up is hard!

I turned 50 and my daughter turned 20 in the same couple of weeks. We had everybody meet at Regatta Point at the picnic area. I think that was lovely. Sunshine and having a picnic! Room for the kids to run around! That’s a perfect day—a picnic at Regatta Point.


Image created by Nicole Zimmermann