A great thing about being a woman is being able to connect with the world around you. It’s infinitely interesting and you never get to the end of it. Being a woman is like this ongoing life lesson.

Initially, I came here 4 years ago for Uni. Now, I’m a beauty therapist. I kind of created my little life here. My friends and my networks are here.

I lived in Sydney last year, I didn’t feel safe there, I like that I feel safe in Canberra. Obviously there’s an underbelly, but I don’t think it’s a dangerous city. I walk home by myself at night and I feel safe.

I think things can be hard in life regardless of where you live. You have to fight your battles and be positive about it. Living in Canberra means I miss the coast though. That’s one of the hardest things about Canberra. I hate being inland.

I love the Canberra balmy afternoons in summer, when it’s actually a really nice temperature, it only happens every now and again, but that’s the perfect day. Friends around with food, a BBQ – that’s it for me and a blow up pool because we don’t have the beach! I also love food and I love my friends and my family. I love that my mum’s here with me now.

Being a woman for me means feeling empowered—that women can have babies. We can give life, so we’re better than men! But to me being a woman is about being strong, feisty and independent.

I don’t exercise often, but when I do I love that Canberra is pretty flat, so it is good for a run and there are bike paths everywhere. I think it’s easy to maintain your health and wellbeing here, but like anything, it’s up to you.

We are off to the psychic expo today, we are both in natural fibres, so we don’t constrict our auras. We’re just pretty natural at the moment enjoying our breakfast and then out for our good day. I’m happy at the moment.


Image created by Nicole Zimmermann