I’m feeling really good. I’m happy. It’s just good to be alive.

I was born in South Africa, to a South African father and an English mother. My family moved to Australia when I was ten years old, but I feel very much Australian now.

I feel safe in Canberra. I feel I’ve got a lot of freedom here, a lot of choice. Lot of places to go to learn and experience. It’s a beautiful place to be. I haven’t encountered anything difficult about being a woman here.

I also find that despite having had a brain tumour some time ago, my health is very stable because there are so many health professionals, health centres, workshops and courses that help you to stay stable and centred. I’m feeling that all is well. It’s not difficult at all to maintain my mental, physical, and even spiritual health in Canberra.

To me being a woman means to have freedom. To be equal to others. And to have good choices in terms of activities, courses and workshops—I love participating in anything and everything, I’m very much a doer!

My favourite things are family, friends and fun activities.

If I imagine my perfect day, I imagine myself walking around the central basin of Canberra on a beautiful sunny day with a friend to talk and laugh with. Maybe we’d go into the National Art Gallery to have a cuppa and a piece of cake.

I used to do Tai Chi just near where the Sculpture Garden is, where you can look out over the lake. We used to go there every Saturday morning, sun shining down on us, and practice these slow, very graceful movements. I loved that.


Image created by Josey Carnovale