I am from Myanmar. I arrived in Canberra in January 2014 and I’m studying at the ANU. It is a bit challenging for me as extended education in Australia is really much higher than ours, I am catching up though.

I think the best thing about being a woman in Canberra is yet to come. I don’t think it’s hard to be a woman here. For me there is not much difference between men and women in Canberra.

Being a woman is one of my favourite things because I have the opportunity to contribute my point of view to society. I believe we have uniqueness as women and I think that sometimes there are advantages of being a woman and we are given priority.

I like Canberra because it is a very diverse society, people are very welcoming and I feel that I’m part of the community here, even though I’m very new.

I have found it very easy to look after my health in Canberra. We all have a personal responsibility to keep ourselves healthy. For me, part of my visa conditions mean that AusAID provides health insurance throughout my stay, so when I need healthcare services I am able to access them.

A perfect day in Canberra for me has been meeting you and being able to express my impressions of being a woman in Canberra. That is a perfect day for me.



I am also from the Myanmar Embassy, I have been working in the embassy as a diplomat for one and half years and I have the same amount of time left of my stay in Canberra.

I enjoy my work and am always trying to do well in my job.

One of my favourite things is visiting with my family.

Being a woman means I am able to carry out my family duties while also doing my embassy work, just like men. I am a career woman and a family woman and I am proud of myself.

Using some technology has been a struggle for me. I like it when there are people around to help me learn new things, going home and trying to learn something on your own is hard sometimes.

For me, accessing health care is easy, because our embassy is responsible for our healthcare costs. I have not found it difficult to maintain my health in Canberra.

My idea of a perfect day is today.


Image created by Josey Carnovale