I don’t let my gender define me; sometimes I like to play around with it. If I go to karaoke, it’s fun to just dress up really pretty and then jump on stage and belt out some Slip Knot.

I’m a heavy metal drummer. I’ve been playing drums for about ten years. I had a little bit of a hiatus but I’ve decided to get back into it. Not being cocky or anything but I can trek pretty well on double kick for someone whose been on a bit of a break. I’ve also been singing my entire life; and I’ve been dabbling in death growls for the past few months or so.

I like Lolita fashion, and basically fashion in general. I like being able to express myself creatively through the way I look. I’m not the girliest person, but I do have a girlie side and it comes out in the clothes, like looking like a Victorian doll. Sometimes it’s nice to dress ironically.

Within the last few years, I’ve been through a stage of really severe depression, anxiety and eating disorders—I’m just starting to come out of it. I’m able to go places and socialise again and continue trying to achieve my goals in life.

Ever since I’ve been in Canberra people have been inviting me places, and I’ve been spending a lot more time having fun with friends than what I did when I was in Bateman’s Bay. Bateman’s Bay is a retirement town and there weren’t many people my age. There’s always something to do here and always someone up for random shenanigans. I love it.

My most favourite thing are my friends. Within the past few months I’ve started doofing and going to side trance festivals. I’ve met the most wonderful people through that; everyone is insanely awesome, really fun to hang out with and I love the way they deal with each other. Everyone is really open and honest. Well the majority of people are anyway. If someone has a problem with something they’ll just bring it up straight away and confront them about, instead of keeping it secret and letting it fester or escalate into some epic kind of situation.

It’s a lot easier to maintain my health in Canberra because I’m busy and I end up getting a lot more exercise, even though I haven’t actually gone somewhere to get fit for the sake of it. I get around more and dance. I’m spending more time with friends and it keeps me more mentally healthy. Bateman’s Bay was very lonely.

Parking is probably the hardest thing in Canberra. But I suppose that would be hard no matter what your gender was. Man, woman, non-binary.

My perfect day would be jamming with a friend, then just wandering around for a little bit. There’s a lot to fit into one day. Working at the sorts of places I’d like to work at would be really fun, because I’ve never really had a job before. At a party I went to someone was talking about improv theatre, so maybe a bit of that too. Maybe go to a park. If someone’s DJ-ing somewhere or if one of my friends is playing somewhere then going there. Then going back to a friend’s house and having after parties. My perfect day wouldn’t involve sleeping until the next day.


Image created by Josey Carnovale as part of Canberra’s You Are Here festival.