Work brings me to Canberra. I work for the Indonesian government and so it’s going to be a temporary stay for me in Canberra, but I really love the city. I also studied here before.

The best thing about being a woman in Canberra is that there is a lot of space and you can enjoy wondering around the city. Also calmness—I think that the crime rate is very low in Canberra so we feel safe just being by ourselves.

I think it’s very easy to maintain your health and wellbeing in Canberra because there’s a lot of access to health services. And also Canberra has very fresh air, which is actually very important for overall wellbeing.

Meeting friends can be hard. It’s not that difficult, but I see sometimes that it’s quite cliquey in Canberra. I joined a couple of groups, but it can be kind of difficult to get into some groups.

There are lots of things that women can contribute to society, for example, like education and arts. A woman has many angles in life that actually complement men’s contribution to life.

My favourite things? Travelling. Working, maybe. I have to work otherwise I’m going to get bored! And taking care of the house, like gardening and interior designing.

My favourite day has got to be on weekends! An autumn day, not too hot, not too cold as well, beautiful colours of the leaves, that’s my best day actually.


Image created by Nicole Zimmermann as part of Canberra’s You Are Here festival