I’m very comfortable living as a single mum with all of my children. I live in the country and I’m a grazier. A small holding but nevertheless a grazier on fifth generation land.

I’m currently in Canberra working at the Canberra Show as a steward, a chief steward in fact, and have been working with the Canberra Show for 43 years. The Canberra Show was started at Hall by our families and when it moved to Canberra we all came too. So that’s why we’re here.

My three favourite things in life are my children, my [foster] babies and more babies.

I think that I’m very comfortable as a woman and I’ll have a go at anything, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a man’s domain or not. I’ll have a go at anything because as I said before, I have been single for a while therefore you have to step out and do these things.

I don’t think it’s too hard at all to be a woman in Canberra. I try to make the most of everything, so I don’t think it’s too hard.

And I don’t have a problem with maintaining my health and wellbeing. I have wonderful doctors, support for my children and I have the support of my children. That is always good. And I just get on with the job and I know where I can find help if I need it. Yes, we are very lucky.

So many organisations are considering women these days so we really have always got somewhere to turn to for support and help and I find that is quite amazing and I have been very lucky in that respect. I believe that everything is set up for us lovely ladies.

My perfect day in Canberra would be going to the Canberra Show and not having to do any work! Just to go as a guest would be nice. And watching the ring events. I’ve had a fair bit to do with horses so I really love the ring events.


Image created by Josey Carnovale