I’ve never thought of myself not being a woman, but I think it means that I’m lucky I’m a woman and not a man!

I’m always trying to run around doing something, busy either with work or community. Today I’ve just finished presenting a cultural awareness talk to a group of service providers about the differences between the communities, the culture and how they cope with health problems like incontinence.

I don’t think it’s easy to maintain your health and wellbeing in Canberra. Every day we are bombarded with something about stopping smoking, about obesity, you hear from the radio about losing weight. I think the difficulty in maintaining your health would be the time you can give yourself to do exercise, because quite often I work and then after work I go to other meetings. I find it difficult to maintain my exercise.

I think the hardest of things is when you are looking at the women who are struggling and because of my age, I think I see a lot of elderly women who are struggling to take care of themselves, especially in the community where they don’t have support and can get very lonely. There isn’t many activities being set up for older women, especially from the CALD community.

But I think we are lucky in that I always feel that being a woman in Canberra we have a lot of opportunities—when you look that the Chief Minister was a woman and we actually have three ministers that are women who are well respected, plus we have a lot of women in senior positions that we can look up to. I quite often go to functions and get to know a lot of women who are from all different services, who are all very friendly to each other. I think that’s the good thing about being a woman in Canberra.

At this moment in time I think I’m in the crux of changing my life in terms of my career. I’m thinking about whether I should stop work and do something that I really like or whether to continue to work for another year or two.

My three favourite things are always my family, working with the community and just to have a few favourite friends sitting around and chatting about cooking, about food and about sewing, anything just to pass time.

My perfect day would be to not have to work, not have to worry about my community work and just stay at home and relax. I often give myself half a day on Saturday. There is no phone call, there is nothing. The day should be not too cold, no rain, fresh air and I can go out for a walk and just enjoy the scenery, enjoy Canberra.


Image created by Liz Thompson