As a mum I feel responsible for ensuring that the family has enough of everything they need, and it’s easier said than done. But I feel as though that’s my role.

My husband and I both have our parents here in Canberra, so we moved here to be close to them. And now that we have a four-year-old son, it would be pretty hard to leave that support network. And we’re pretty settled, we have a great group of friends, and we’re enjoying life, everyone’s happy, so … why change it?

I think for me, the best thing about being a woman in Canberra is having my family support here. I feel safe, I feel safe for my family, and I think that we’ve just got lots of choice in terms of what we want to do. I love it. It’s a good feel. I’m comfortable here.

I also think it’s really easy to maintain my health and wellbeing in Canberra. I love exercising outdoors, and I’m able to just walk out the front door, go up the road, and then run around the reserve and be outside. I think we’ve also got access to great food—we’ve got lots of fresh food markets. All round it’s a pretty easy place to stay healthy.

But I’d also say that as a mum you have to have access to people who can support you as well, because it can be challenging to exercise with your little one. Although my four year old now is riding a bike, so I can run and he rides, and that’s awesome. We can exercise together, which is great.

Also, talking from the perspective of mainly new women to Canberra—Canberra can be a little bit cliquey and it can be difficult for some women to connect with new people, so that’s probably the hardest thing that I’ve seen for women. And, the majority of my friends have a young family, and they also have paid work that they need to do. The common theme is that finding that balance can be very challenging, because most of them do try to do both well.

My favourite things in life are hearing my four-year-old’s belly laugh, spending time with my hubby, and making time for myself.

My perfect day would be a warm day, outside, with my hubby and son.

I feel happy, blessed and strong.


Image created by Liz Thompson