The best thing about being a woman in Canberra is having lots and lots of other lovely women around. That’s what Canberra’s all about, friendships with lots of other wonderful women.

I’ve lived most of my life in Canberra, I was brought up here. It’s home.

I think it’s quite easy to maintain your health and wellbeing in Canberra and I think that’s because we have everything close by, so it’s easily accessible.

The hardest thing about being a woman in Canberra is trying to deal with women’s issues, which are sorely lagging behind what’s available for men. It’s frustrating and I think there’s still a hard road to go so that there are more things available for women. We still have a bit of a fight on our hands I think, just to bring us on a par with what men have access to. In every way, from jobs down to accessing services, there seems to be for more available for men than there is for women.

But I’d rather be a woman than a man. I just think we’re a force to be reckoned with, we are.

I guess at this moment in time I’m feeling a wee bit anxious about things, but generally I feel as if I’m accomplishing things as well. I just feel a little bit anxious about the way some of those things need to be done.

My three favourite things are my partner’s sense of humour, Sundays with my mum, and my garden.

My perfect day would be 28 degrees! Sunshine, and working in the garden. Yes, that would be my perfect day. Just being in the garden with the sun shining. What more could you ask for?


Image created by Liz Thompson