I’m 47 years old with three beautiful daughters and am a proud restaurant owner of Rama’s Fijian Indian Restaurant in Canberra.

My three favourite things are: my family and friends; Rama’s and experiencing the best of all foods and cuisines; and exercising around all the different spots Canberra has to offer like walking around the lake and going up Mt. Taylor.

With little discussion, my father sent me to Australia with the intention of having access to great education and furthering my studies. In 1985, at 17 years of age I arrived in Canberra and started college and then went on to complete a science degree at the ANU. It was implied that I would return home to Fiji but 30 years later I am still here, happily living in Canberra today.

During my time in Canberra I have realized that there is nothing I can’t do. The opportunities provided in this city prove endless and make me feel very independent.

I believe I am very fortunate to live in Canberra as I have access to a lot of good medical facilities which makes it reasonably easy to look after my health and wellbeing. The surrounding environment is something I take advantage of when looking after my health because we have a lot of mountains and lakes to walk around, we have Lake Burley Griffin, Lake Tuggeranong – I walk up Mount Taylor and Mount Ainslie – so there’s a lot of things to keep yourself fit and healthy. We also have a good selection of fresh food and vegies that keep you healthy as well.

The best thing about being a woman in Canberra is having your independence. You can say what you want to say, you can do what you want to do. We’re very independent in Canberra.

To be a woman means that I can be a mother, a sister, an auntie and a friend to many.

Realistically, I think an ideal day would be waking up at 7.30, having a shower, having some fruit and yoghurt with a nice cup of tea. Going up Mount Taylor with my girlfriends- we usually do an hour and twenty minute walk and chat the whole way up the mountain. Go home and see my three beautiful daughters and then head out for a late lunch to maybe Timmy’s or Sammy’s with my daughters and my sisters and their children. Go and set all the tables for Rama’s and then go home and have a nap – having an afternoon nap is so important! And then get refreshed for a 6pm start at Rama’s. And then have lots of people to serve, to chat and to socialize with at work – socializing is a big part of it for me.


Image created by Liz Thompson