I think I’m fortunate, I’m comfortable with who I am and I’m able to both spread my wings and contribute.

I like being able to spend time with people I care about both at work and away from work, I like having community connections and I like sharing beautiful meals.

In terms of being a woman: the first word that came into my head was ‘responsibility’. I think I feel a deep sense of responsibility as a woman to the people around me, to womankind, but also to living out and making the most of opportunities that have been made possible for me by decades of women in the past. And not wasting that.

I came to Canberra for one reason and stayed for many others, which I think is what happens for lots of people. My partner was studying here, but we stayed because it’s such a beautiful place to be.

I think the best thing about being a woman in Canberra is the opportunity, that you can live a simple life but with lots of stimulation, and that wherever you are you can see a vista of the mountains.

I think of myself as quite privileged so I think one of the hard things about being a woman in Canberra is that I live with great comfort and great opportunity but I see that there’s great inequality as well.

I think there’s two things to mention about looking after health and wellbeing in Canberra. I think looking after your health is expensive and accessing specialist services or specialist interventions is expensive and they can be hard to get. But on the other hand, I had a fairly major health crisis last year and I had the most incredible support that came around me. People were very good to me through that process, so I would say it is very easy to look after your health and wellbeing, when you’ve got all that support around you.

My perfect day would be amongst the trees in autumn or spring with no unfinished jobs calling me away!


Image created by Liz Thompson