I like baking, trying new recipes and dancing, aerobic dance.

I’m so happy to be able to be part of the Multicultural Festival today. This is my second year. I’m so glad that I’m still here because I was supposed to go back to my home country last month but I’m able to extend my stay. My husband is an attaché at the Malaysian High Commission so we were supposed to be here for three years but we have another year.

I love sightseeing, you know, like traveling around Australia, but I don’t have the opportunity to do that.

As a woman, I think, being appreciated is the most important thing. There are many countries where women are not appreciated. I’m not saying that my country is not good, but I feel tense most of the time because I’m rushing…life is so different to here. So I think being here makes me realise that I am so fortunate to be able to have a chance to travel, to live the experience here.

In Canberra you are open to lots of opportunities and able to interact more; I have more friends here. I am also in the Women’s Club International in Canberra, so I’m able to do lots of things. I’m doing patchwork, which I never dreamed of doing! It’s so unique that you not only learn how to do it but you learn about your friends from other countries.

I don’t know what the hardest thing about being a woman in Canberra is, I don’t encounter any hard things here.

I love cooking and baking and I love eating, so it is difficult for me to maintain my health and wellbeing! When I first came to Canberra I weighed less than I do now, and it’s so hard for me to go back to the old weight because I’m trying new recipes, new dishes! And also I’m busy, running around, sending my children to school. I don’t have time for myself to go to the gym anymore. I miss running on the treadmill at home—I can’t do it, it’s so busy.

My perfect day in Canberra would be over the weekend for me and my husband, if the weather is good, to go to the lake for fishing. I like to be able to calm myself down by waiting for the fish to bite the bait. Or maybe walking to the highest peak and seeing the view of Canberra, that’s a perfect day for me.


Image created by Liz Thompson