Today, actually, is a perfect day for me! It’s perfect to see everyone smiling.

Today the story is that I just want to come and watch the Multicultural Festival, with people having fun. I mean it’s always good to see people from different backgrounds having a dance, their cultural food, and all that. I like to party, to go shopping with friends, and to do fun stuff.

I haven’t really thought about the best things about being a woman in Canberra, but I’ve been in Canberra for a very long time and so I always find a lot of good things here. There are not any hard things about being a woman here. It’s a nice, small place and I’m loving it. I love living here.

It’s easy. It’s easy to have health and wellbeing in Canberra…I myself sometimes go to the gym. I like to eat healthy food. And the weather is always really nice.

I’m cool, I guess, for the moment.


Image created by Liz Thompson