As for my perfect day: I’m gonna say something really stupid—every day in Canberra’s a great day!

I’m 26, I’m a public servant like a lot of Canberrans, I’m married—relatively recently—and I love to bake. My three favourite things in life: baking. I’m quite fond of my cat. And at the moment I’ve been watching The Gilmore Girls.

I’ve lived all around the country. I’m originally from Tassie. I moved to, well, everywhere. And when I finished university my boyfriend at the time and I decided we hated Perth, and public service grad positions would pay for relocations so we both got jobs here and that’s why we’re here now.

I think Canberra’s really good because, in my experience, it seems safer walking around at night—I live in the City, I walk home from the City at 2 o’clock in the morning and you feel safe, like no one’s going to hurt you, which is really nice. And there’s a lot of women here. I don’t know if the demographics actually work that way, but I work at the Department of Health and there’s lots of women there, and it’s kind of nice.

I don’t know what the hardest thing about being a woman in Canberra is. I think any challenges aren’t unique to here. I think that the challenges that women face here are the same as other places.

To me, I suppose there’s a nurturing element to being a woman—there’s a part of a woman’s role that they’re meant to support and help, but also to be the opposite to that. It’s not a simple question, it’s multifaceted and there’s lots of roles that women have that aren’t exclusive to women. No simple answer.

In some ways maintaining my health and wellbeing in Canberra is easy because there’s lots of access to sports and gyms, and I think there’s something about us having the most inclusive rate in sport. But on the other side of it, it’s really hard to get into the specialists, I know that waiting lists for psychologists is a nightmare. So depending on what your health and wellbeing needs are, it can be simple—if it’s eating well, there’s lots of amazing food here, but if there’s actually something wrong with you, getting that looked at can be really, really hard.


Image created by Liz Thompson