“Whatever she says we all say the same.”

Right now I am at the Multicultural Festival selling Otai, a watermelon drink, for the ACT Tongan Language and Cultural School. I’m here to raise funds for our little school.

My most favourite thing is teaching the Tongan language to the Australian born of Tongan heritage in Canberra. My second most favourite thing is attending the Civic City Uniting Church with the church activities. And thirdly, is working with the community, the Tongan community mainly.

I moved from Sydney after 34 – 36 years in Sydney. I’ve lived in Canberra for one and a half years. I love it in Canberra because it is very relaxed. It’s a very relaxing atmosphere. Driving is the easiest part of living in Canberra for me, because Sydney is very crazy traffic wise and in Canberra I feel like on the road it’s very nice.

The hardest thing about being in Canberra is that I’m a widow and I’m also far away from my family in Sydney. But I’ve got my son in Canberra, so there is not really any disadvantage.

Maintaining my health and wellbeing in Canberra is easy because I am sort of paying attention to myself more in Canberra. I’m having a bit of a slower lifestyle. Canberra is a very good place to be in to enjoy that.

A perfect day in Canberra would be a day with my school kids at the ACT Tongan Language and Cultural School learning our cultural stuff, like dancing and language.

Being a woman means a lot of things; it means I feel empowered by a lot of things. I feel that a woman is very powerful in the position of being related to men as a sister, a mother and a wife. That’s what I feel.


Image created by Liz Thompson