At this moment I’m enjoying the Multicultural Festival.

I can see this kind of festival only at a few places and I’m lucky to be in Canberra to enjoy this festival. So I can say at the moment I am happy and having the best time.

I’m in Canberra today because I married and I moved to Canberra with my husband.

The best thing about being a woman in Canberra is we have a free and independent life. And also we have the right of taking decisions and equal reality with the women and the men.

Maintaining my health and wellbeing is absolutely easy here in Canberra because there’s no pollution and also there is a lot of greenery. It’s a very calm and cool place to raise children.

The hardest thing about being a woman in Canberra is motherhood. Having a busy life in Canberra, managing the child and doing the work and being on time.

To me to be a woman is symbolic of beauty. I am lucky to be a woman for my husband too, because he respects women very well and this is one country where I can see women self-respect equal to the boys when compared to some countries. I am so grateful to be a woman and being a mother and enjoying women as a woman.

My favourite things are always being happy and music, dance, and enjoying time with friends.

I think Friday evening would be a perfect day in the Canberra for most of the women!


Image created by Liz Thompson