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Canberra is one of my favourite places because I’m definitely someone who should live in the country. I came from Melbourne and I hate the suburbs, which is weird because Canberra is a giant cluster of suburbs, but the city is totally not my speed and Canberra is an excellent size in between. I can’t live out in the country anyway, because in the country there just aren’t enough queers, there isn’t enough community organising, and there’s not enough vegan food. So yeah, Canberra is a really good in between.


For the last couple of years I have been in a transitional emancipatory state in my life, in terms of relationships, career, family, and geographical location. It’s a time of growth and transition. I feel like I’ve commenced a new evolutionary stage of my life. Being happy, living a good life, having fun.


I have used a lot of the women’s services available in Canberra. I was a single mum for 15 years and having that extra support was fantastic.


My favourite things in life are performing, entertaining people and just making sure everyone is having a good day. Regardless of whether I know them or they are just a random person in the street. Just going up and saying “hello, how’s your day going?” I think this can make a huge difference to people.


I am a single, white female in Canberra. I finally love life after a few bad years. I am about to turn 40 and coming to peace with the idea that I am now a matronly mum and not a wild child anymore. I am ok with it, but just trying to find out who I am.


Today I am here with my friend and my kids and we are on our way to the Halloween Zombie Walk. I am dressed up as Liv Moore from iZombie. I am also a solo parent to three. I am recovering from chronic fatigue and some thyroid issues and have just rediscovered my passion for community and the arts.


My personal story is that I am the third generation in a line of strong women whom I grew up with—my maternal grandmother, my mother and myself. So each of us in our own way and in our own time, has had the opportunity to a very large extent to be ourselves and to excel in our chosen fields.